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Lida van der Vlist-Streng is interested in objects and materials that bear the mark of time. In her work she brings the hidden beauty of these artefacts to life by recontextualizing them or by, sometimes quite literally, giving them a new face.

“In my compositions, I always look for an exciting and subtle equilibrium. I tend to work in an explorative manner. Sometimes this approach results in a more figurative work, sometimes it leads me to pursue more abstract representations. Familiar Faces and My Cardboard Family are examples of the former, Home for my Waste and In my Mind, on the other hand, are examples of the latter.”

Lida’s multidimensional work draws you in and invites prolonged attention. In each work, a new story can be discovered with its own unique textures, shapes, and colors. Lida creates work in which complexity and tranquility seem to collapse into one another. It is vibrant yet calm, multi-layered yet coherent. This continuous interplay characterizes her artistic signature.

Lida completed her education of Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 1989.


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